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Those ads on the perimeter

A new collaboration between ADI and Supponor is giving advertisers the ability to target a broader audience with the launch of the world’s first broadcast quality LED virtual advertising.

The digiBOARD DBR was recently launched at the Leaders in Sport Business Summit. It pulls from Supponor’s DBRLive technology and ADI’s digiBOARD LED perimeter system to create an impact in live sports perimeter advertising. Think perimeter walls around a soccer field.

“DigiBOARD DBR is a product that combines the very best features from Supponor and ADI and is one that we firmly believe will revolutionize the sport perimeter market,” said ADI chief officer, Geraint Williams, in a press release.

The dynamic LED perimeter advertising system enables broadcasters to deliver their message to global audiences without the need for a broadcast unit at each location. The stadium audience sees the original advertisement, while global viewers see ads more closely related to them. The first digiBOARD DBR is set to begin at the start of the 2016-17 football season.

Supponor is an innovative sports media and technology company that connects global audiences to geographic and audience-specific promotional messages. Which enables marketers to change messaging by location, targeting specific markets.

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