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Innovative Games Company Rabble to Raise Funds with Sports Investment Partners

Join the Rabble Ltd (Rabble) has teamed up with Sports Investment Partners (SIP) to raise funds in support of its planned growth over the next 12-18months. Having established its core business model around the gamification of exercise the company is now looking to bring in capital as it expands its licensing model to meet the needs of an underserved population.

This is the first company to be listed on the SIP platform in partnerships with Envestry and is continued evidence of the new thinking and creative approach entrepreneurs are taking to the wider sports industry.

The SIP platform was established to serve the growing band of companies that service the sports industry who have moved beyond the accelerator or friends and family stage and have demonstrated an ability to produce a product or service that further enables the sports eco-system.

Michael Broughton, Partner at SIP explains; “Charlotte and the Rabble product are a perfect example of the type of company we have been looking to partner with. She has demonstrated an ability to get the business off the ground and to pull in customers. She and her team are to be commended for the work they have done to date, and we are excited to be a part of the next step in their journey.”

According to Rabble whilst a significant proportion of the population would like to be active they fail to meet the minimum requirements. One of the core issues is that exercise is seen as a chore and signing up to a gym membership can be daunting. The Rabble solution has been to provide a fun experience that is accessible to everyone and which takes place in a social environment.

“As a former athlete I have always enjoyed being active and can see the benefits from the lifestyle. I founded Rabble because I realised that there were many more people who were scared off from exercise. We have focused on generating games that bring people together, build a community and find a way to make more people active almost without realising it,” stated Charlotte Roach, CEO and Founder.

She continues, “We have seen our initial success and are keen to build on these early foundations and take the lessons we have learnt into the licensing model so as to expand more rapidly and bring our games to a wider population. The inbound calls from potential licensees both here and abroad give us great confidence we are on the right track. This fundraise with SIP is part of our strategy to bring our IP, platform and licensing model to a wider audience and get more people off the sofa. Whilst we have worked hard to get here we know we are just at the very beginning of this journey.”

To learn more about the company, its business plans and how to participate visit and register.

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