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Sports Investment Partners (SIP) is focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sport industry. SIP takes an “operating leverage” approach, proactively seeking opportunities which allow it to leverage its significant experience and track record of success in sport and business.

We act as a bridge between the worlds of commercial sport and financial investment.  We work with investors looking for opportunities and with companies looking for investors. We personally co-invest in businesses and play an active role in driving growth and value.  We partner entrepreneurs to help realise the capital value of their hard work and with rights holders seeking to secure the financial future of their sport. 

Beyond the M&A Advisory work that we do we focus on where technology is going and supporting clients as they map a way forward.  This covers commercial evaluation, strategic planning, operational expertise and developing partnerships.

Strategic Consultancy

Positioning your company well, identifying your market and understanding why you are seeking capital and what you would do with it are key components to successfully raising capital or selling entirely.  

Investor Identification

SIP has a wide range of investor relationships and understand the differences that High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices and Institutions offer, what they look for and how your company may need to be presented.

Presentation Drafting

Investor presentations are different to client ones.  Whilst you must know your business inside out you need to be prepared to present your company in a way that you might not be used to.  We can help in adapting your story to suit the occasion.

Business Planning

Not everyone needs to have a business plan like FaceBook.  an exponential curve is sometimes more a question mark over you than a positive.  Having a business plan that excites but is believable can be key.

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