Securing Investment

SIP is not a Corporate Finance house.  They bring a very important skill set to the table and if you are undergoing a capital raise you should consider hiring one to help you along the way.


Our role is that of a consultant and in acting as an interpreter between you the company and the investor world.  Understanding what they might be looking for, how they need to be spoken to and translating for you as you go through the process.  Identifying investors who can assist you in driving real growth at the operating level or ones who can help you maximise the potential of your balance sheet.  .


Additionally we understand the difficulty in managing the full time process of fund raising and the demands it puts on you in conjunction with running your business.  Our objective is to make this process as seamless and painless as possible.

Strategic Consultancy

Positioning your company well, identifying your market and understanding why you are seeking capital and what you would do with it are key components to successfully raising capital or selling entirely.  

Investor Identification

SIP has a wide range of investor relationships and understand the differences that High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices and Institutions offer, what they look for and how your company may need to be presented.

Presentation Drafting

Investor presentations are different to client ones.  Whilst you must know your business inside out you need to be prepared to present your company in a way that you might not be used to.  We can help in adapting your story to suit the occasion.

Business Planning

Not everyone needs to have a business plan like FaceBook.  an exponential curve is sometimes more a question mark over you than a positive.  Having a business plan that excites but is believable can be key.

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