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Sports Investment Partners Launches New Sophisticated Investor Platform

Specialist investment consultancy firm Sports Investment Partners (SIP) today announced that it was teaming up with Envestors to launch a dedicated investment platform aimed at providing handpicked opportunities in Sport to sophisticated investors. The partnership will bring the Envestry platform to the sports sector for the first time and enable investors to discover growth opportunities across a range of carefully selected, unquoted companies.

‘This is an exciting development for SIP’, says Chairman Sir Martin Broughton. ‘For sophisticated investors this will provide an exclusive opportunity to discover and invest in businesses across the sport sector that are looking to accelerate their growth. SIP and Envestors will have done the hard work of identifying the companies, putting them through a rigorous screening process and providing due diligence documentation for investors to review before deciding what individual businesses in the sector to invest in. For companies and entrepreneurs, it will provide access to a network of sophisticated private investors and family offices who are looking to invest anywhere from £25,000 up to £10m.

‘The launch of this platform bridges a gap between companies in sport that have built a product and generate revenues which are seeking growth capital but are not yet mature enough to attract later stage institutional Private Equity investment. brings together the opportunities and finance in a simple online format matching companies to a network of sophisticated, individual investors.’

‘Companies that successfully raise funds via the platform will benefit from having ongoing commercial consultancy from the SIP partners and extended network. This may come in the form of a role on the board or in an ongoing commercial arrangement designed to accelerate growth in the business and keep all parties aligned.

‘We are inviting companies looking to raise funds and investors who are interested in the sports sector to register on our platform ready for our launch in the New Year. Detailed information can be found on our website but revenue generating business who are looking to raise between £500k and £5m are what we are looking for.’

Jerry Plant of Envestors says: ‘We are delighted to be partnering with Sports Investment Partners, who will be a tremendous asset to Envestry’s growing network of networks. We look forward to combining our experience gained through operating the Envestors’ private network since 2004 with SIP’s peerless expertise in the sports sector.’


SIP will consider registrations from sophisticated investors as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority who are willing to invest £25,000 in established, early-stage companies seeking investment of £500,000 or more. Further Criteria can be found at:

For further information please contact:

Sports Investment Partners LLP

Tel: (0)207 432 4601

Michael Broughton

Envestors Limited

Jerry Plant, Associate Director

Tel: (0) 20 3205 3828

About SIP:

Sports Investment Partners (SIP) is focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sport industry. SIP takes an “operating leverage” approach, proactively seeking opportunities which allow it to leverage its significant experience and track record of success in sport and business.

We are a bridge between the worlds of commercial sport and financial investment. We work with investors looking for opportunities and with companies looking for investors.

About Envestors and Envestry:

Envestors is an FCA regulated corporate finance adviser in the UK and operates an international network of sophisticated investors investing a minimum of £25,000 in high growth unquoted companies seeking £500,000 to £10m in equity funding.

Envestors and licensees of its Envestry platform have completed around 800 deals, over 5,000 experienced investors and have raised £98m+ in capital.

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