Sports Investment Partners

Sports Investment Partners (SIP) is  focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sport industry. SIP takes an “operating leverage” approach, proactively seeking opportunities which allow it to leverage its significant experience and track record of success in sport and business.

By combining experts from across the sector who understand the political, commercial and sporting needs of the industry and its consumers, we bring a new investment ethos to sport.


We act as a bridge between the worlds of commercial sport and financial investment.  We work with investors looking for opportunities and with companies looking for investors. We personally co-invest in businesses and play an active role in driving growth and value.  We partner entrepreneurs to help realise the capital value of their hard work and with rights holders seeking to secure the financial future of their sport. 

From introducing those seeking investments to those offering opportunity, providing commercial advice to investors, strategic consultancy to those looking for investment, developing business plans, driving commercial due diligence to sitting on the board of directors driving growth we are here to further your business interests in sport.


We are not a fund and should not be confused as such.  We work on the behalf of investors to maximise the commercial opportunity that exists in the wider sports and entertainment industry.


We find that the backers we work with are most likely to back businesses that are profitable (or at least can demonstrate they will be shortly), have a strong management team and are looking for capital to take the next step in their growth journey.


We are based in London but we work across the world of sport and our networks extend around the world.

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