Establishing yourself in Europe

We often see interesting companies from across the world that want to establish a commercial entity in Europe and build on their native success.  There are many aspects to building a successful beachhead in this region - not least understanding that simply replicating your initial success may not be the way to go.


Be it understanding how european sport works, deciphering the local politics or commercial realities or even just the legal basics of setting up a corporate entity we can be your translators.  


Our Partners indepth knowledge of multiple sports, how the commercial world of sport works in this region and our experiences across the globe allows us to act as the perfect launch pad for your success in Europe.

European Sport Overview
Legal Advice

We are linked in to some of the best corporate and sports lawyers you can find.  They understand the idiosyncracies behind every deal and having them onside to guide you through your growth is key to making sure you partner up with the right clients and targets.

SIP provides an opportunity for international investors and businesses alike to understand the nuances of European sport, where opportunities lie and the underlying business model.  Understand how things get done is key to your success.

Commercial Planning

We will work closely with your company or with your investors to identify and lay out the best commerical plan to ensure your foray into Europe is a success.

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