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Investing in the Sport, Leisure and Gaming space is complicated.  Whilst most investors understand the wider business world we have found that it is important that you understand the nuances about how a sector works, the commercial reality of doing business in that space and of course some of the politics that come with it.


Our primary role is to work alongside potential investors in uncovering the commercial upside in the space and to assist them in understanding the implications of an investment in the sector.


We believe that the wider Sports sector offers a range of interesting opportunities and are available to consult on behalf of investors to identify these.  As we are a niche player in terms of the sector we are open in regards to the size of the company we consult on.  Whilst the majority of transactions in this space will be between £10m-100m we are equally adept at understanding the industry issues that apply in both the VC world and the larger Private Equity deal.


We can also provide investors with a competitive edge when it comes to sitting with management teams.  Our breadth and depth of knowledge in the sector mean that we can quickly identify with incumbent management due to our background in the industry and can, therefore, demonstrate your understanding of the issues they are facing and provide what they typically need - smart capital.



Top level review of the sector down to potential target identification.  Our knowledge and relationships in the sector enable us to discreetly review the opportunities that exist commercially across industry.

Strategic Consultancy

SIP can provide Partners to sit on the board of your portfolio companies to assist in the ongoing management and growth of your investment.  This can be in either a Chairman or Non-Executive Director capacity.

Board Roles
Due Diligence

Should you be examining a potential investment we are available to consult for you and undertake a commercial due diligence process alongside your financial and legal advisors.

Business Planning

If you currently have an underperforming asset in the sector, or are looking for assitance in challenging the current business model we are experienced in adapting business plans to suit the issues of today whilst understanding the sector specific issues your company may face.

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