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Intelligent Application of Capital to Sport

Founded in 2010, Sports Investment Partners (SIP) is a European investment firm focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sport industry. SIP takes an “operating leverage” approach, proactively seeking opportunities which allow it to leverage its significant experience and track record of success in sport and business.

The financial leverage model of the "noughties" is not one to which we subscribe. SIP looks for investments where it can intelligently apply both commercial and financial capital to drive growth.

By combining experts from across the sector who understand the political, commercial and sporting needs of the industry and its consumers, we bring a new investment ethos to sport.

Sport, Sport and Sport

In 2011 PWC released a report estimating the size of the sport industry, globally at $130bn in 2013, with EMEA representing $43bn or 35% of the market. The 2013 AT Kearney Report estimates that, globally, over €450bn is spent every year on sports and that the industry is growing faster overall than GDP with strong long term growth prospects.

SIP recognises the opportunity that exists in the sports sector and combined with its operational leverage seeks to apply investment in a targeted manner.

The investment team will only examine opportunities that are directly related to the sport sector, including sports media, technology, betting, IP and support service businesses.

Our Mission

SIP’s objective is to enable and accelerate growth and optimise its investee companies’ market position and potential. We are highly selective in the company we keep. We look for outstanding managers to acquire businesses with established market positions. We look at companies headquartered in Western Europe, although with global reach, worth between £10m-£200m. We expect holding periods to be approximately 3-7years although shorter or longer periods may be appropriate in particular circumstances.

Geographic Focus

Headquartered in Central London, the UK and European markets are SIP's primary territory; however opportunities in the USA and burgeoning sports markets such as the Middle East and Asia Pacific are also of interest.

What SIP is not

SIP is an investment vehicle. We are not a fund ruled by a restricted timeframe in which to deliver growth.

SIP is not seeking to make investments into sport franchises (teams) or into major infrastructure projects. These are markets that are already well served and do not fit SIP's investment criteria.

SIP is also not seeking to make any investments in start-up businesses. SIP's investment mandate encourages investments of £10m+per transaction.

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